This tag could save a life

A road safety initiative by

A new safety icon for kids under 145cm tall


A new safety icon for kids under 145cm tall

Any child who fits clothes displaying the Booster Tag is likely still under 145cm tall, and is safest travelling in a booster seat on our roads.

Find the Booster Tag inside kids' t-shirts

Look for the Booster Tag on the label of kids’ clothes sold in Victoria. Leading local brands like Minti, Oobi and Little Horn are adopting the Booster Tag in their new season collections.

Turning any t-shirt into a road safety reminder

We’re calling on all brands and manufacturers of children’s clothing – fashion brands, school uniforms, even sports gear – to adopt the Booster Tag.

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All profits from the limited-edition range will go to The Royal Children’s Hospital, helping children and their families affected by trauma.

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What about kids already over 145cm tall?

Children who are 145cm or taller should take the 5-Step Test to confirm they’re seatbelt-ready.