Meet the kids who star in The Booster Tag campaign

Meet the kids who star in The Booster Tag campaign


Melina (136cm tall, age 10), Elijah (137cm tall, age 10) and Isobel (120cm tall, age 8) are three of the kids who star in the Booster Tag campaign.

They took a moment out of their busy shoot day to chat about booster seats, car safety and making ads. Here’s what they said.


Q: Do you still use a booster seat in the car? 

Melina: Yes of course! 

Isobel: Yeah…

Elijah: Definitely, mum and dad make me.


Q: And what about your friends?

Melina: Well, I use a booster but most of my friends don’t. They’re mostly a bit taller than me or around the same height, and they’re already sitting without booster seats.

Isobel: I think my friends are. But I haven’t been in some of my friends cars recently. I normally see the outside of their cars, but I can’t see inside.

Elijah: Nope, most of them don’t. I think people don’t really give it attention or care.


Q: Did you know about the 145cm rule before getting involved in this campaign?


Melina: I did, I knew about the fact you had to be 145cm tall to ride without a booster beforehand. I’d seen ads about how it’s really dangerous for kids to not be in a booster seat and also, it’s been on the news in some car crashes and things. So I’ve seen that around a bit.

Isobel: Um…no?

Elijah: Yeah, I was in the car in my booster and I was begging mum and dad to get out, and they said, ‘no have you heard the news, it says you have to be 145cm tall!’ I was like, ‘they’re probably lying!’ – it was really surprising.


Q: What’s the best thing about being part of this campaign?

Melina: It’s fun and I get to learn a lot about booster seats and what happens when you make an ad, it’s an educational experience and I get to meet lots of people.

Isobel: I don’t know. I’m quite shy so I’m not sure! I do videos at school but most of them don’t have our faces in them, except the news reports we do. I was in a group with two of my friends and we got to make a news report video.

Elijah: It’s lots of fun and I like presenting things. I haven’t done any acting and stuff before, but I think I’m going to do more. Also I think this might change some people’s minds and make it more cool to be in a booster.


Q: And is this the beginning of a whole fashion and acting career for you?

Melina: Yeah! I hope so. 

Isobel: Um, yeah?

Elijah: Hah, maybe!