"A bit of road safety education can truly save a life” Oobi founder Alex Riggs on why she’s adopted the Booster Tag.


If you’ve got a young daughter or niece, chances are you’re well aware of Oobi, the bright, fun, proudly homegrown fashion label.

But there’s more to Oobi than its colourful surface. With a strong commitment to social good, the brand was one of the first to adopt the Booster Tag, and in doing so is leading the way for other kids’ brands in Australia.

So why was Oobi so quick to adopt the Tag? According to design director and founder Alex Riggs, the prospect was a no-brainer.  ‘It’s not a hard-sell,’ she explains. ‘Road trauma has touched my life personally, and the lives of so many other people I know – where you know of a kid who has just barely escaped terrible injury. So I’m really aware that a bit of road safety education can truly save a life.’

With a varied range of clothing for girls – from t-shirts, to dresses, to swimwear, to leggings and outerwear – Oobi has incorporated The Booster Tag into most items in its Winter 2020 collection. ‘We’re conscious that our customers really do look at care labels in their clothes, so we know this could have a big impact and we wanted to amplify that.’

So how did the brand go about doing it?  As Riggs explains it, the process was surprisingly straightforward. ‘It was simply a matter of asking our manufacturers – mostly in India and China – to wait while we got the new label designs finalised, and they were really accommodating. Because we’re so strong on ethics and transparency, we’ve got a really good relationship with our manufacturers, and I think they were really behind the Booster Tag initiative too, once we explained it.’

Riggs anticipates a positive response from her customers. ‘We know our audience will be totally receptive to the Booster Tag message because they’re already so aware – especially if they buy clothes online - that kids of the same age can vary a lot by height, and also they tend to appreciate a social conscience in what they purchase.’

And while road safety makes for an unexpected pairing with fashion, that’s one reason why it’ll have an impact, she predicts. ‘I think the message of the Booster Tag will kind of go into the back of people’s brains – it’s not one of these hard-core, gruesome road safety messages, it’s more lateral and gentle. So we’re actually empowering parents in a practical way.’

So what’s the future of the Booster Tag for Oobi? Riggs predicts it will become a permanent feature of the brand.

‘Now we’ve got the labels designed, it’s not difficult to make this an on-going initiative. Why wouldn’t we? I can only imagine other kids’ fashion brands are going to jump on this too – it’s not a big commitment to get on board, and it’s an evergreen message. I’m predicting a big knock-on effect!’


Oobi’s Winter 2020 range – proudly featuring the Booster Tag – is now available online and in selected boutiques around Australia.