Adopt the
Booster Tag

All kids’ clothing brands can get involved

All kids’ clothing brands can get involved

If you design or manufacture any kind of children’s clothing – fashion, sports gear or even school uniforms – you can adopt the Booster Tag alongside your existing sizing tags and clothing care instructions and help save lives on our roads.

It’s free and easy to use

Eventually, we want the Booster Tag to be in every t-shirt for kids under 145cm tall that’s sold in Australia.

That’s why the Booster Tag icon and graphics are open source and free to use for clothing designers and manufacturers.

Download the Booster Tag artwork here, plus guidelines on how to best integrate it into your current clothing and care labelling.

Which clothes
can display
the Booster Tag?

The Booster Tag icon and graphics are designed to be used in kids’ clothing to fit children between 108cm and 145cm tall.

While sizing can vary between brands, in most standard Australian clothes, that’s between a children’s size 4 and a children’s size 11.

This can include t-shirts, long sleeve tees, tops and jumpers designed to fit children under the 145cm height specification.

Who’s already adopted the Booster Tag

Little Horn, TWP Sportswear, Half Moon Bay SLSC, Lumineer Academy

Community and sporting groups can also get involved

The Booster Tag isn’t just for manufacturers. If you’re a supplier or distributor of existing garments, like school, sport or club uniforms, and would like to adopt The Booster Tag, get in touch.

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