Where can I buy clothes with the Booster Tag?

The Booster Tag is initially available online, before expanding to other brands and retailers around Australia – including Minti, Oobi and Little Horn, selected garments from Myer labels Milkshake and Sprout, and major kids’ fashion boutiques.

Shop the launch collection here.


Why does the Booster Tag only apply to clothes from kids’ size 4 to kids’ size 11?

The Booster Tag appears on kids’ clothing which is sized to fit children who should be using a booster-style child restraint in the car.

Smaller babies and toddlers should be secured in a baby capsule, rearward-facing or forward-facing child restraint. Forward-facing child restraints are designed to be used until at least age 4, and often beyond, before the child outgrows it into a booster seat.

The length of time a child needs a booster seat depends on the child’s size – no matter how old they are. Generally, once a child is over 145cm tall (larger than kids’ size 11, in standard sizing), they are able to safely travel without a child restraint. 

Find out more about booster seat safety here.


What about children who are especially skinny? Does the Booster Tag still work?

It’s true that kids come in all shapes and sizes. But most kids who comfortably fit clothes that display the Booster Tag will be under 145cm, which means they still need to use a booster seat to travel safely in the car.

Read more about the reason for the 145cm criterion and other ways to check if your child needs a booster seat here.


I run a kid’s clothing brand. How do I adopt the Booster Tag?

It’s easy to adopt the Booster Tag – the icon and graphics are open source and free to use for clothing designers and manufacturers. Simply incorporate the graphics into your existing labelling system.

Find out more about adopting the tag here.


I run a kids’ sports team. How can we get involved?

If you’ve got existing garments (like club uniforms) suitable to display the Booster Tag, we can work with you to produce a run of bespoke labels.

We can also help you approach your manufacturer about incorporating the Booster Tag during the production process.

Find out more here.

My child’s friends are all moving out of a booster seat when they turn 7. I’ve heard that’s when they can ride without a booster seat. What’s right?

Under Victoria’s current child restraint laws, all children under age seven must legally be seated in a correctly fitted child restraint or booster seat, and children over seven can use a booster seat or standard seatbelt.

But there’s a major difference between the legal minimum requirements and what’s actually safe for kids – and that could make the difference between life and death.

A seven-year-old under 145cm tall can legally ride in without a booster seat, but will be more than 3.5 times more likely they’ll suffer head, neck, spinal and abdominal injuries in a crash – sometimes fatal ones.

So it’s best to think of 145cm as the benchmark – not 7 years. Once a child is 145cm tall, check they can safely travel without a booster with the seatbelt-ready 5-Step Test.

Find out more about booster seat safety here.


Our booster seat manufacturer’s instructions say it’s suitable for up to age 8. Does that mean my child should travel without a booster once they turn 8? 

Manufacturer age instructions are guidelines only – generally, the important measure is not the child’s age, but whether they are able to safely travel without a booster seat.

Find out more about booster seat safety here.


My child’s shoulders are above the height markers in our current booster seat, indicating he’s outgrown it. But he’s less than 145cm tall. Can he safely ride without one?

Unfortunately, if he’s under 145cm tall, then he’s not safe riding without a booster seat.

This scenario is common, because in Australia not all booster seats on the market are actually large enough to fit a taller child. Older models, in particular, may be outgrown well before a child is ready to safely travel without a booster seat.

This is a big problem, especially given many families don’t expect to need or budget for an additional booster seat as their child grows. But in this instance, a booster seat is still required until the child is able to safely travel without one.

You can compare booster seat models at childcarseats.com.au.


My child is already a teenager but still under 145cm tall. Does she still need a booster seat?

Yes, she does. Any older child shorter than 145cm who travels in a car without a booster seat won’t be properly restrained by the lap-sash seatbelt, which will sit higher on their body. 

That makes it 3.5 times more likely they’ll suffer head, neck, spinal and abdominal injuries in a crash.

Find out more about booster seat safety here.


I’m a short adult – just 144cm. Does this mean I need to use a booster seat?

Generally, it’s more dangerous for a child shorter than 145cm to ride without a booster seat than an adult of the same height. This is because a child’s bones are still developing into their teenage years, making them more vulnerable to injury.

How long will it take to receive my order?

After you make a purchase, your order will be dispatched within 14 days of your purchase. All domestic orders will be dispatched via Sendle – once you have a tracking code, you can track your parcel here.


How will I know my order has been delivered?

Every parcel with Sendle is given a unique 6-digit tracking code. To see if it’s been delivered, track your parcel here.


I want to return or exchange my purchase – how do I do this?

All proceeds from the Booster Tag launch collection will go The Royal Children’s Hospital fund. This unfortunately means that returns and exchanges are not possible at this stage.


Where does the money from my purchase go?

All profits from the limited-edition range will go to The Royal Children’s Hospital, helping children and their families affected by trauma.